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    We are importing and exporting
    higher-quality merchandise through various ways.
    Our business are competitive in the
    international distribution market.
    Our strengths are excellent acceptance of
    its products in the market, many
    cooperative manufacturing companies and
    a strong distribution system.


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    C&A, a global business organizer, continues to gather ideas to develop future businesses.

    It strives to find new growth opportunities by utilizing the multi-directional business capabilities,

    which has accumulated through general trading activities.

    SOC Development Projects

    in public sectors

    We offer a total solution for customers with

    our Human and material infrastructure

    and distribution, consulting in development

    of Social Overhead Capital.

    (Maintenance and remodeling infrastructure
    industries such as transportation, school,

    hospital and sporting facilities)



    SOC Development Projects

    in private sectors

    We help local producers to raise their

    competitiveness by providing a differentiated

    sales channel in a variety of areas.

    (entering new market of distribution

    channel, establishing new routes in airlines

    or railway.)

    We offer a total solution and provide

    a golden opportunity to expand

    into new markets for our customers.