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Our management system is operating
systematically and effectively for customers so that they can feel free and relaxed
(Safety accident prevention, Fire prevention, Protection of robbery, Security maintenance, Conservation facilities)


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1. Security examination and evaluation


- Security examination and evaluation
- Security risk analysis and examinations by onsite monitoring
- Measuring potential risk
(Analysis of prevention and developing contingency plans)

- Developing action Plans

2. System Lay-out


- Security standardization and establishment of regulation
- Assessment of education, Publication of training materials

3. Crisis control and management


- Crisis management by field diagnosis
- Feedback relevant act and subordinate statute and regulations
- Potential risk management and staff training

security field

We are pursuing 0% of uncertainty by combined know-how of field managers and constant R&D of our security consulting group.

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Great advantage of Security service

We offer effective and systematic management and differentiated security service by

integrated management system of head office.

3.gif Great advantage of C&A Security management