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By advanced system and efficient operation management, 
C&A creates new synergies that enhance customer satisfaction and
maximize value of our customer assets.

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1. Systematic management planning
- Optimizing management plan in every field of
  Facility Management
- Enterprising ordinary prevention system by systematic
  inspection and management
- Maximizing business efficiency by
  specialized management

2. Optimized Life-Cycle Facility management
- Long term repair planning by the manual of operation
  and management,
- Maximizing to extend durability by device data management
- Minimizing the risk by providing solutions and
  improvement of Facility Management problem

3. Maximizing the value of assets
- Provide the best service and contribute to promoting positive
  image of buildings by best service.
- Reduce costs by efficiency and improvement in operation.
- Maximize customer satisfaction by offering a pleasant and
  comfortable space

 General administration
Achievement of Higher efficiency and lower costs by professional unitary management of integrated facilities system

 Service Features
We offer satisfactory service with better speed and accuracy by differentiated know-how and advanced technology of the best facility management company.