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C&A will be the company which customers can trust more.

We are committed to creating the future of customers together.

With the rapid globalization, the world has entered the era of
limitless competition among countries,
companies and 
Especially, the global competition among companies to survival
and progress has become more fierce than ever and companies
are taking specific actions corresponding to new paradigm.
They strive to transform their own structures and cultures more
innovatively in order to increase productivity and create more

We confidently challenge to the continual changes

in the world market.

C&A has created customer values in various sectors with endless
changes and innovation.
C&A leads the market dealing with business MRO, electrical
construction service, mechanical facility work and infrastructure
maintenance work based on outsourcing and asset management.
Furthermore, we are pioneering in the new field of trading and
project organizing.
Through our endless changes and innovation,

we will grow as a global enterprise for the 21st century.

Always putting the customers first, we grow
to become your successful partner of our industry.

As a successful partner that provides products and services
optimized to match customers' needs, we pledge to devote our
full efforts to provide optimal solutions to our customers and
                                           offer specialized value of C&A.
                                           On the basis of its core competencies, C&A will continue to strive

                                           to differentiate products for IT-based, cutting edge products and

                                           to fulfill customers’ satisfaction.